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The Hostage Bride


To hold and to have!

Fliss's father has been embezzling from Argentine billionaire Ricardo Valeron. She knows Rico is ruthless in his business dealings and will stop at nothing to ruin her father if he should uncover the truth. To save her father, Fliss agrees to marry an old friend - and in return, he'll pay her father's debt.

But before the ceremony takes place, Rico arrives and whisks Fliss away. Has he discovered the missing money. Is he out for revenge? Just what are Rico's intentions toward his hostage bride?

Reviews of The Hostage Bride

Diana Tidlund, Reviewer for

Kate Walker knows how to create a romance with just the right amount of suspense to enthral her readers into coming back repeatedly and she has done it again with The Hostage Bride. She gives readers a true lesson in compassion and understanding and teaches us that everything is not always as you see it — that you must really look close to see what is right before your eyes. No one person was right or wrong in The Hostage Bride, no matter what they did. The way they went about it might not have been the best, but the love behind the actions spoke louder than anything: from Felicity doing what she did to spare her mother pain and save her father to Rico kidnapping her to save his sister's sanity and possibly even her life. As a daughter and sister, I can understand the love that drove Felicity and Rico to do what they did and as a romantic at heart it brought a smile to my face that life came full circle and brought them right where they deserved to be — together. Let Rico and Felicity take your heart hostage with Kate Walker's newest release.


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