Harlequin Romance
ISBN: 0373171757
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Mills & Boon
ISBN: 0263780104
May 1993
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Something Missing


"It's a bit late to play the devoted nephew!"

Mr. Paul "I'm in charge" Sarrizen might be able to pull the wool over his great-aunt's eyes, but not Charlie's! Faces didn't lie, and his was the sort that belonged to a buccaneer or a highwayman - not a loving nephew.

Facts didn't lie either. Hadn't Charlie written the wretched man five letters - all of them begging him to come and visit his dangerously ill, elderly relative? Admittedly, he'd eventually shown up. But that only proved that he was interested in his great-aunt's wealth, not her health.

Which made it all the more galling when he found out about Charlie's pretend engagement to his cousin and accused her of being the one trying to take advantage of the old lady.


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