Indebted to Moreno

Indebted to Moreno
September 2016

Indebted to Moreno

Indebted to Moreno
October 2016

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Weetwood Hall - May 2014

Find out what previous students have said about Kate's courses!

Fishguard & Other Courses

I find that Kate’s writing courses give me a goal to aim for in terms of submitting finished work because otherwise, being unpublished, there are no real deadlines and it’s difficult to stay motivated. I also love getting feedback on my work, and being able to focus on nothing but writing for a whole weekend is pure indulgence. Discussing romance with other people who have a genuine love for the genre is fantastic too, but the greatest benefit I get is that I come home buzzing with ideas, really inspired and re-energised. Jo S (Fishguard Advanced Course)

As someone who has only just plucked up the courage to attend a writing course and expose my efforts to others, I couldn't have picked a better course. Not only did I learn lots but also everyone was so welcoming and friendly and we had a good laugh. It's just great to share ideas and experiences with like-minded people; I would highly recommend Kate's course to anyone who dreams of becoming a romantic novelist! Claire W (Fishguard Advanced Course)

Kate's courses are special. They give me a chance to learn from an author who has had in excess of 60 books published, books I love. She gives her time generously and enthusiastically and every time, I'm inspired to do better. The classes are small and very friendly, so everyone feels able to contribute. Sarah H (Fishguard Advanced Course)

The reason why I do Kate’s courses is because she obviously want her students to succeed and has faith in them even when they don’t always have faith in themselves. She creates an environment where it is safe to ask dumb questions without being made to feel dumb and because of this everyone who attends feels supported which means they are able to be supportive to the others in the group.

Kate gives fair and honest critiques and is happy to share so much information and advice whilst making it all great fun and she never makes anyone feel they are a nuisance or slow.

Plus of course there is chocolate! Melanie D (Fishguard Advanced Course)

For me coming on your courses is like a blood transfusion, minus the blood! Writing is a solo, often frustrating and sometimes even painful process, so meeting up with others who know what it's like to want to write and who stick with it, despite what it costs in time and energy, is vital for me. Getting together with fellow writers is a necessary confidence boost, not just in terms of inspiration but also in reaffirmation, and it's great to come away from those weekends brimming with enthusiasm and determination to keep on writing, no matter what! Kate S (Fishguard Advanced Course)

Kate's courses are unique; how often to you get the chance to work with a best-selling author who is also a brilliant teacher? Learned masses, made new friends, laughed until my sides ached, what more can you ask? Oh yes, free chocolate ...Sallyann H (Fishguard Advanced Course)

Fishguard - February 2014


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